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Web Solutions

Web Solutions

Whether our clients need a custom built social media platform or an enterprise grade Web Solutions, VirtualReality has catered to a multitude of clients, ranging from innovative technology startups to established companies to growing businesses that are building solution platforms to revolutionize their business model.

VirtualReality provides Web Solutions that are flexible and user friendly, according to your business nature ,target audience and geographical usage All Web Solutions are according to modern requirements and industry standard. In long run we keep suggesting you new ideas, to increase your business growth and maintain your sustainability.

Web Solutions for any businesses that are looking to streamline their sales, customer service, and business strategy.

We take great pride in helping business leaders redefine their success with innovative web solutions.

Industry Oriented Web Solutions

Learning Management System

Solution for course management, instructor and student management. Can create and sell courses online.

Learning Management System provides awesome features for creating online courses, teacher profile, extended user profiles, lesson management, quiz system, video hosting, ranking / rating system, questions system, attachments, Tracking course progress etc.

Directory or Classified Listing

An online directory portal listing categorized items of any type – companies, shops, businesses, websites and so on.

Directory Listing System for any kind of business. Like, Restaurants, Food, Classifieds, Salons, Shops, Malls, Dealers etc.

That will help you create, manage and monetize a local or global directory site.

Car Dealer Online Solution

Equipped with just the right features everything is more fun and fruitful than the frustration we all felt before on other car dealer sites.

From small car dealers with a handful of listings to car dealerships with multiple locations and sellers.

Sell more cars – this is what this solution is all about. Empowers every car seller.

Restaurant, Chef & Catering Solution

If you operate a restaurant, you need a top-notch website to show off your business to prospective diners.

Because so many people search for where they are going to eat their dinner or order their business lunch online, having a solid website will help your business in the never-ending battle for better position in search engine rankings.

Real Estate Agency & Listing Solution

Whether you want to create a website for your real estate business or simply list one or two of your own properties online,

It includes a number of features which makes it very easy to not only add property listings to your site, but also organize and categorize them.

This again makes it easier to filter and search your listings, with the end result being that visitors to the site can find exactly what they are looking for.

Solution for Interior Designers

Your target audience is looking to work with someone who can demonstrate a strong eye for design.

Therefore, your website must reflect this.

No matter what type of interior design website you want to build, and how involved you want to get in the design process, there are plenty of options here for everyone.

Spa, Beauty & Hair Salon Solution

Whether you’ve been hired to build a spa or salon website or you’ll be completing the project yourself.

Whether you simply want to make a website to promote your business and the services you offer online, or you need to create a website with a fully operational online booking system, we will provide you with everything you need.

Healthcare & Medical Solution

The website for your medical practice can accurately portray the level of trust, compassion, and care you provide.

In order to provide patients with an easy to navigate, and appropriately presented, website. You’ll also need the tools to clearly display your practice’s contact and opening information – Google Maps embedding and a timetable are practically essential. Online booking functionality is also a bonus.

Solution for Hotels & Guest Houses

A Solution with intuitive functionality can often be the difference between being fully booked and struggling for customers.

Firstly offer quick and easy design options. In addition, there will be a solid and powerful booking management system – additional functionality such as an events calendar is useful, but not at the expense of the basics.

Solution for Industrial Sectors

Solution have been created specifically to help you build a website for your business in the industrial sector with products or services.

Whether you’re offering engineering, construction, mining, logistics, or some other industrial-related service or products, this solution is designed and developed to make your website a success.

Online Shop or Ecommerce Solution

With the rise of the internet and online shopping, more people than ever before are starting their own online business.

If you fancy yourself an entrepreneur, selling products online is one of the most accessible ways to launch and run your own business. In fact, literally thousands of people are doing so, right from the comfort of their own home.

This is known as eCommerce!

Solution for Lawyers & Consultants

Solution created considering that your website is a reflection of you and your business, it must also convey these values.

Solution designed with the legal industry in mind should all offer functionality to make your job easier, and give your clients no excuse to find another representative.

All suitable for lawyers, consulting firms, and legal practices.

Altered and custom Web Solutions can be made too.

Contact us with your requirement, we will come up with proposal and feasibility for you!

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