History - How it began

In late 2000, Hunaid Mithaiwala, CEO, came to a crossroad in his life. Either continue his career as a Marketing & Sales Executive or make a leap of faith and start a business that not many were sure would be around in a few years (at the time there was a lot of speculation that the Web would grow too large and collapse). He decided to follow his passion and moved ahead. Armed with one active client and no savings to speak of, he picked up job after job and made the business work.

Formally formed a company in 2001.

In mid 2002 the jobs started flowing in faster. And as our reputation increased, so did our growth. We registered our firm, moved forward and continued to build an impressive list of clients. And as our clients need change, we change along with them.

We added solutions such as domain, hosting, web design and development, branding, print & graphic design, multimedia, internet marketing & search engine optimization to fully serve our clients.

History | VirtualReality


The story of VirtualReality could be told as a guy working out of an extra bedroom making it big. But, this wouldn’t give you an accurate picture of our history.

To this day we’ve funded all our growth internally from profits; without loans or venture capital. We’ve remained debt-free and grown at over 150% every year of our existence. We’ve also done something not many companies in our industry have, turned a profit every single quarter. While our continued growth will require changes in our strategies, we’re proud of what we’ve achieved so far.

We’re continuing to push the envelope on both the complexity and scope of our work. We’ve set our goals extremely high and fully expect to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.