Before Registering a Domain

Before Registering a Domain

What should I know before registering a domain name?

There are a couple of things you need to know before registering a domain name. With a credible and reputable domain service, you will certainly have someone trustworthy to guide you through the process and possible dilemmas, so here’s just an overview of some precaution steps:

  • In case you are buying a previously owned domain name, you need to investigate that domain’s history and reputation (check previous WHOIS information, whether or not that domain has ever been banned by Google, or if it is perhaps protected with a trademark).
  • Brainstorm your domain name before registering and check whether or not it’s available as a username across social networks.
  • Watch out for hidden fees (some registrars are not very transparent about additional fees that come with editing WHOIS information, transfer fees, or domain name renewal costs).
  • Demand clear information regarding hosting packages if you’re reaching out to resellers.

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