Website Usability

Website Usability

What is Website Usability?

Website usability can cover a number of different factors within a website, however it can be most accurately summed up as the effectiveness of a website to provide users with the most logical, clear and intuitive way to access the information contained within.

The measure of usability is based on the quality of a user’s experience when interacting with the website and the following factors are taken in to account.

  • Ease of learning is the website navigation clear or does it require a learning process to access information?
  • Efficiency of use when the user has become familiar with the interface, can they quickly access the information they require?
  • Remembrance on return use, can the user retain the basic functions of the website or are they required to learn again?
  • Error frequency does the user make errors in accessing the information they require?
  • User Satisfaction is the user satisfied with the interface and do they enjoy using the website?

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