Success Stories
murtaza shakir
Murtaza Shakir | Associate Creative Director
Manhattan International

It has been altogether over a decade of association with Hunaid. A multi-talented person with phenomenal creative abilities and skills. He is a genuine go-getter and have seen him rise and shine at various levels of business and personal life.

I recommend him for his steadfastness, honesty and positive approach, which makes him the most unique and innovative solution provider in his specific line of business. I wish him the best in his future endeavors.

lindsay howe
Lindsay Howe | Owner
Enchanted Fortress

VirtualReality has extremely diligent workers who produce great results. With little direction from me, VirtualReality built a creative, professional looking, interactive site from scratch. The style chosen was very fitting to my business model.

The web designers and developers at VirtualReality are so dedicated to their job, work quickly and efficiently. I have only heard rave reviews about my website.

I am very pleased with the end result of my website and I'm so grateful to VirtualReality for all their hard work.

shabbir bambot
Shabbir Bambot | Chief Tech. Officer
LumaMed LLC

Hunaid (VirtualReality) has been a great resource for us often responding with service perfect solutions on short notice.

I highly recommend him and wish him well.

Faisal Awan
Faisal Awan
JetFlyer Marketing

Excellent working with virtual reality. Best things are creative quality work and timely delivery. It was awesome experience. Highly recommended for creative online stuff.

mehlam bs
Mehlam Bin Aliasghar BS Zainuddin | Professor (Teaching Faculty)
Al Jamea tus Saifiyah, Surat, India

We at Janah al Tarannum bil Quran al Kareem, Mahad al Zahra, al Jamea tus Saifiyah are extremely grateful towards your dedicated services for all these years. You have been working for us for more than ten years, and have fulfilled all our requirements on time, with the utmost precession and professionalism required.

Hunaid Bhai, you personally have dedicated many many hours for our cause.

We specially thank you, and appreciate your generous and selfless efforts for us. We look forward to working with you for years to come.

hunaid munniwala
Hunaid Munniwala | Owner
Unity Signs

Hunaid and his company made us visible on the world wide web. They did a fine job for us and were very courteous and knowledgable.

Top Qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity.

Tanveer Afzal | Partner
Tanveer Afzal | Partner
EuroAsia Construction

VirtualReality have been involved with the Euro Asia Consulting's Website on a design, technical and consultancy basis for sometime, and we have developed the site into a productive marketing tool. At all times they have been prompt and professional, always prepared to listen and "go the extra mile" to get the best outcome, with a commitment to results that is rare in today's environment.

It is refreshing to work with pro-active people that are innovative in their approach to helping us grow our business.

James & Peter Days | Partners
James & Peter Days | Partners
Days Event Planning

Amazing work! VirtualReality had great ideas and communication was excellent. Website ended up looking amazing, exactly what we were looking for. It has been a pleasure working with them and we will continue to work with them in the future.

Jake Jones | Owner
Jake Jones | Owner
Sand Reef Standup Paddles

Website was build and designed highly professional & fast. Great support 24/7. The final product is excellent.

Please use Virtual Reality if you need a custom design to expand your business. You will be proud of your website. Thank you so much VirtualReality!

Qusai Burhani
Qusai Burhani
Burhani Computers

Hunaid of VirtualReality is a thorough professional. He understood our requirements and provided multiple designs and solutions for our website. His understanding of technology and his creative taste helped us put together a highly engaging and traffic driven website for our company.

I would Highly recommended them.

Mahwish Warsi | Marketing Manager
Mahwish Warsi | Marketing Manager
Asaco Bags

We cannot believe how great our website looks! Thank you for always being readily available and accommodating. Your teams guidance meant everything to us.

Thank you for all the help with the site. I did not know it was so involved but you made it work great and the boss is impressed with your services.

Huzefa Yousuf
Huzefa Yousuf
Cars Now

Great people to work with. Very professional and friendly. Excellent quality of work and customer service. Highly recommended.

Peter J Mays | President
Peter J Mays | President
Rescue Squad Restoration, Co.

Working with Hunaid Mithaiwala and VirtualReality has made our lives easier! Before we discovered this company, we had been searching for a company who could take control of our internet presence and take it to the next level. We have found that with VirtualReality.

Their prompt and courteous service still amazes us and their cutting edge approach impresses my clients and employees. It is so nice now to have someone handling our company internet presence. We are even more excited to see what they can accomplish with regards to Search Engine Optimization.

In the end, VirtualReality is a priceless tool we use to help us focus our efforts on other aspects of our company while they handle a large portion of our internet presence and public marketing. I would recommend them to anyone!

hussain haroon
Hussain Haroon | President
English Speaking Union of Pakistan

You and your team did a great job. Website is very impressive and informative.

Thank you very much for helping us on the world wide web.

Hasnain Vali Karimi
Hasnain Vali Karimi

VirtualReality have created such an out standing website for my online personal training business.

It was not what I expected, it ended up beyond my expectation.

When I approached VirtualReality's Hunaid Mithaiwala, I had no game plan, no content and neither preferences.

He guided me through out and organized strategy and plan, it sounded affordable and realistic to me.This man made my life easier and stress free by taking quick initiatives.

I was expecting the project would take a month or so but it took them only 2 weeks to create a master piece for me.

I feel proud to say that, I have made right choice by choosing VirtualReality to create my business website.In such an short span of time I have got something far beyond my imagination.

Thank you very much team VirtualReality for your constant support.

scott freeman
Scott Freeman | President
The Trophy Shop

I just wanted to say a collective Thanks! to everyone involved in the new website. It looks great, and is well organized. All in all everyone here is very pleased and it worked perfectly, everyone loved the look, actually got applause!!

Thanks - good job!

aslam akhai
Aslam Akhai | Director
Akhai Pharmaceuticals

VirtualReality is a great company to work with. They were very impressive with their creativity and presentations. Not only did they give what I asked for but also incorporated ideas that complimented my ideas and views.

I would absolutely recommend them over any other group. Great people and great service. Keep up the good work guys.

zaki ahmed khan
Zaki Ahmed Khan | Vice President
Employer's Federation of Pakistan

I think you and your team did a great job incorporating the look of site to create a well organized and amazing look and feel.

Thanks again, and Great Job!

taher mukhi
Taher Mukhi | Senior Manager
Aon Risk Solutions

Hunaid is a thorough professional and immensely dedicated to his work.

I have seen him working tirelessly on projects and achieving great results.

I wish him all the best for his future endeavors.

marc sorrentino
Marc Sorrentino | Director
Excellent Entertainment

VirtualReality (Hunaid) has been no less than fantastic to work with. Both creative, communicative and reliable. He has delivered in all areas and based on our experience, I cannot hesitate but recommend his services.

This is the second website VirtualReality has developed for us. VirtualReality is a needle in a haystack in Web Solution Providers. They have fully understood our requirements and delivered above and beyond our expectations!

Munira Rangoonwala
Munira Rangoonwala | Teacher
St. Micheal's Convent School

I recommend Hunaid Mithaiwala as the well organised and complete solution provider regarding web designing. Each piece of his work is an exemplary and serves satisfactory.

Rest his work proves best. Highly advisible for perfect web designing and web hosting.

Jerry Williamson | President
Jerry Williamson | President
Teamworx Production

Working with VirtualReality on my web site was effortless. They listen, they understand and cared about my project. I will continue to use VirtualReality and appreciate their expertise and professionalism.

Mitch Murgi | Partner
Mitch Murgi | Partner
Design Toronto Web

A job very well done. Always online. Professional. Excellent communicator. Best I have found!

I'll be hiring them again for sure.

Alicia Harris | Owner
Alicia Harris | Owner
Synergy Business Services

Thank you. The words I've expressed are not just to say something "nice" or "fluffy." They are real and reflect my true feelings about my experience working with you. Now, for a minute, I must admit at one point, I was feeling a bit doubtful. But the lesson learned here for me was a lesson in patience and understanding. And I think I passed (based on my past history). Lol! You came thru in an amazing way! Great skills and talent! Keep up the good work. And thanks for the lesson.

Here's the testimony…

Hunaid and I went back and forth several times during the initial creative design phase. But it was all worth the effort! He delivered a superb design just as I had envisioned. Hunaid's willingness to go beyond his own ideas and to provide honest, constructive feedback was very much appreciated. His communication skills and the efficiency at which he was able to respond was excellent! His patience and cooperation is to be commended. Overall, I am very pleased. I picked a winner! I look forward to working with VirtualReality on future projects and without hesitation will recommend them to others.

hatim dabbawala
Hatim Dabbawala | CEO
Bohra Developers

I endorse Hunaid for his creative works for the past 15+ years. Its neatness, clarity and perfection which has always been there in his artworks.

I call him artist more than an engineer as he puts life in his canvas and the designs speak for the companies for which Hunaid studies business. I have worked with him on several projects and would always like him to be part of any big assignment.

His perfection starts from his mind, heart, hand and goes to vocal box. I wish him best of luck for his upcoming ventures.

fali cooper
Fali Cooper| Director
Cooper Canvas

Hunaid has been involved in our website development and hosting activities. He has a very professional outlook to his work and provides round the clock support with minimal down time.

VirtualReality may not be the most economical vendor on the market for this job but in the end what you pay is what you get!! In this case it's great value for money!

Top Qualities: Personable, Good Value, & High Integrity.

Aijaz Abbas | President
Aijaz Abbas | President

We have been working with virtual reality for a long time. Hunaid has worked on a number of projects for us. We continue to work with him. VirtualReality has shown excellent customer service, professional attitude, and on time delivery of the projects.

Top Qualities: Great Results, On Time, Creative.

Mufaddal Rassawala
Mufaddal Rassawala
Saify Iron Limited

Excellent prompt service. Wide range of packages and design options. I would definitely recommend to those who want their businesses to be in world wide web parameters.

Qasim Habib
Qasim Habib
Upper Limits

Great website made for us. I recommend him.

anthony kirlew
Anthony Kirlew | Owner
AKA Internet Marketing

I have used the services of Hunaid Mithaiwala and his company VirtualReality as a resource for web and graphic design as well as WordPress development on multiple projects. Hunaid is my "go to guy" for WordPress development and he always goes the extra mile to make sure the job is done correctly.

A character trait that makes him stand out above his would-be competitors is genuine humility. He is a always a pleasure to work with, turns things around in record time, and I look forward to a continued long term relationship with him.

A+ Highly recommended.

james rubin
Dr. James M Rubin | MD
Allergy Asthma Associates of Murray Hills

The service we received from you (VirtualReality) in setting up our website and updating it, is outstanding. Our website got an award.

We do not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone who needs website services.

anju matthew
Anju Mathew | Vice President

Hunaid and his team did a great job in developing the site for our company. They were quick to grasp what we were looking for and created the right type of graphics we needed. They also were very responsive to our change requests.

Sikander Ali | Owner
Sikander Ali | Owner

People who have opened the site say two things of it: it completely potrays the sufism and it's easy to navigate. That's exactly what I wanted. My thanks to VirtualReality for their skill and expertise.

jon nestorovic
Jon Nestorovic | Vice President
Toronto SEO Experts

A+ Website Designer, Programming Expertise.

Hunaid's dedication, capability and communication is excellent. I highly recommend VirtualReality!

mustafa hamza
Mustafa Hamza | CEO
Beyond Vision

I have worked with Hunaid on a few projects and have found him a real creative technologist. He pays detail attention to finest details which in return provides satisfied customers and great projects.

I highly recommend him!

nisar ahmed
Nisar Ahmed | CEO
Fluid Technology

Our decision to promote our business via a web site has proved to be an outstanding success and our decision to use VirtualReality to design, host and manage the site was undoubtedly the best choice we could have made. They are with us more than 10 years.

Their depth of understanding and interpretation of our needs means that we have a fast, informative, easy to navigate web site, packaged in an attractive design and all completed well within the agreed timescale.

Highly recommended!

Andrey Tikhonov
Andrey Tikhonov
Castles Technology International Corp.

It was a pleasure to work with Hunaid on a web-site re-design. He is professional and quick to respond. VirtualReality delivers a high end result at a reasonable cost.

imtiaz hussain
Imtiaz Hussain | CEO
Imtiaz Enterprizes

Hunaid, just a short note to express our heartfelt appreciation for your stunning work on our site. You responded sensitively and intelligently to our brief, and we are delighted beyond our expectations with the result.

We have also had a lot of great feedback from friends and colleagues who have visited the site - and these aren’t easy people to please. Intro is superb!! Thank you for your help!

saulat azeem
Saulat Azeem | Brand Owner
Grill House

We had very high expectations for the type of website we wanted to create and are very pleased with the work done by Hunaid and his team at Virtual Reality. They worked very hard to create what we had envisioned for our company's website. Not only were they very knowledgeable and efficient in their work, but they also offered their suggestions and creative ideas time and time again throughout the process of adding numerous pages and features to our website. We are very impressed with the quality of work, customer care, and meticulous attention to detail. I will surely refer them to any business associates who are looking for quality web designers and solution provider!

Thanks again for all your hard work!

irfan qadri
Irfan Qadri | Director
Siam Tech

VirtualReality have fulfilled all our expectations and more. As well as implementing our ideas quickly and effectively, VirtualReality have improved and developed our original brief and allowed to us to e-market ourselves in ways we had not thought of before.

Michael Druitt | President
Michael Druitt | President
Excellent Payroll Services

We have been working with virtual reality for a long time. Hunaid has worked on a number of projects for us. We continue to work with him. VirtualReality has shown excellent customer service, professional attitude, and on time delivery of the projects.

murtaza rasheed
Sh. Murtaza Rasheed | Director
Standard Group

Our company has worked with Mr Hunaid (VirtualReality) for our company's websites and he has delivered in terms of quality and efficiency.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with his company for our web projects.

mustafa hamid
Mustafa Hamid | Consultant
Microsoft LRS/Dell Services

Hunaid was great to work with and delivered results we expected. We would work with Hunaid again any time.

Fakhruddin Hatim | Senior Business Finance Officer
Fakhruddin Hatim | Senior Business Finance Officer
Qatar Airlines

Hunaid is a very committed and dedicated individual who brings in continuous improvement and quality in all his ventures and task.

His willingness to learn on a continuous basis and the ability to inovate and explore new ideas is commendable.

Asif Jamil | Consultant
Asif Jamil | Consultant
Randall's Coffee House

We have received many compliments on our web site from customers. You have given us the web presence we wanted when we began this project. We would like to see our relationship continue. Thanks!

Yusuf Bhaiji | IT Manager
Yusuf Bhaiji | IT Manager
Fairdeal Group

Mr Hunaid is aggressive and go getter. The sky is the limit for him! I highly recommend him for any work nothing is too small or to big for him to tackle!

shabbir tapal
Shabbir Tapal | Director
Tapal InfoSys

It was wonderful to work with Hunaid (VirtualReality) as he is always on top of his work and fulfilled his commitments to the dot. Our project was delivered on time and in the way we wanted. Hunaid's unique creativity and dedication to his work is an asset to VirtualReality and it produces excellent results for the customer.

We are excited to work with him as our strategic partner for USA/Canada.

Huzefa Muhammad | Owner
Huzefa Muhammad | Owner
Social Pakistan

You've made a brilliant template. I'm excited about the site's homepage. Wow sir. You rock. The theme looks awsome :) Excellent.

Hussein Dohadwala | Partner
Hussein Dohadwala | Partner
CompuPoint USA, LLC

VirtualReality is a great company to work with. They are very impressive with their creativity and presentations. Not only did they give what I asked for but also incorporated ideas that complimented my ideas and views.

I would absolutely recommend them over any other company. Great people and great service. Keep up the good work guys.

Hussain Mithaiwala
Hussain Mohsin Mithaiwala | General Manager
Tapal Tea (Private) Limited

Hunaid & Lubaina, great work done. A very refreshing new outlook of your website. The colors are crisp and eye catching. The clips are new, the symbols/icons are innovative and expressive. Simply impressive. keep the pace up!

All the best!. HM

sonny ramdeo
Sonny Ramdeo | President
EZ Jet Airlines

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and thanks for the work you have done on my website. From the outset you provided me with a format, a time scale and an accurate quote for the work and from the first contact with VirtualReality I felt that you knew exactly what you were doing. I always felt at ease, letting you get on with it as you saw fit because you knew what I wanted. From revamping the whole site to the final results on major search engines, your company displayed professionalism integrity, skill, and communication.

I would have no hesitation in using your company again and would strongly recomend you to anyone who would like a site building or restoration work done. From start to to finish a great success !

Mark Dorsey | CEO
Mark Dorsey | CEO
Manifest Media Group

We foresee the potential for a considerable amount of new partnerships as a result of VirtualReality’s web solution.

VirtualReality has quickly become our trusted partner in helping to create a new path of growth for Manifest Media Group.

Hussain Saiger
Hussain Saiger
Hussaini Catering

If anyone wants a website, for whatever purpose, then this is the place. They are the experts, providing an excellent service as well.

I am so happy with website Virtual Reality built for me. Everyone who visits the website thoroughly appreciates and finds it very useful and informative.

Would recommend to all.

Husaini Ishaq, Dubai | Visitor
Husaini Ishaq, Dubai | Visitor

To All Team Members of Hizbe Husami

Your website is wonderful, well-organized, visually appealing. Content is easily available and updated. Thanks!