Intranet & Extranet

Something very simple and manageable for your team.

All your company information in one central location or you want to share it with intranet or extranet.

It’s essential in today’s business environment to have the ability to communicate more effectively, both with your employees and with your trading partners and customers.

The terms intranet and extranet can sound complex and confusing. Many of our clients find them to be quite simple though once they understand what basic functions they perform.

An intranet is a private – internal – business network that enables your employees to share information and improve communications. An Extranet enables your business to communicate more effectively with partners, suppliers and customers. Below is a small selection of our Intranet and Extranet websites that we have recently created.

Whether you are looking to keep all your company information in one central location or you want to share it with your employees and vendors who are out of the office, intranet solutions and extranet solutions can achieve this result for you.


Benefits of Intranet

    • Boost productivity and communication
    • Incorporated and paperless distribution
    • Save time and reduce cost
    • Increases collaboration and team spirit


Benefits of Extranet

    • Exchanging large data volume
    • Sharing product catalogs
    • Collaboration with other companies
    • Sharing information with partners, and many more
Intranet & Extranet
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It provides an internal communication system to communicate effectively with the people who are working within the organization and help them to clear their doubts or any kind of ambiguity with the right person and in less time. Including the ability to add corporate information like client details, files, and memos that are accessible centrally.

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It is also a communication system but to communicate not only within the organization but also outside the organization like with the clients, shareholders, customers, creditors etc. This accelerates the entire growth process of organization as they can connect with the person whenever they want to and can take the right decision in no time

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An optimized intranet or extranet communication system facilitates inter-company employees communication over a secured network. Since it is an intranet-based communication channel, you own it wholly without any external interference. Companies opt-in to build their own intranet/extranet network to share information, collaborate and improve employees communication for higher productivity. The published and shared information in an intranet network can be channelized to individual employees, teams, or departments in an organization.