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We Design & Develop Digital Solutions!

We are a multidisciplinary creative agency, we create digital solutions and interactive experiences that help your business thrive and delight your customers.

VirtualReality is a full service creative agency and web solution provider. It includes domain registration, web hosting, web design, web development, web applications, e-commerce stores, portals, extranet and intranet solutions . It also helps in social media, internet marketing, search engine optimization, logo design, brand identities,  corporate creatives and marketing collateral.

VirtualReality has the right combination of business experience, technical knowledge, and artistic sensitivity to make your company’s online and digital presence stand out.

A digital agency and web studio in Pakistan, VirtualRealityhas been helping organizations, companies and businesses of different scales and structures worldwide to develop, design, improve and modernize their branding, marketing collateral, websites design & development, online stores, SEO and social media presences since 2001. This has allowed us to craft an effective approach to provide solutions that enable us to deliver maximum benefits in the shortest time to our clients.

  1. Jan, 2001
    The company had been formed!

    Formally formed a company in 2001 with a name VirtualReality.

    Based in Karachi, Pakistan. Aimed to provide Digital & Web Solutions worldwide.

  2. VirtualReality
    Feb, 2002
    Establishing and setting up.

    In mid 2002 the jobs started flowing in faster. And as our reputation increased, so did our growth. And as our clients need change, we aimed to change along with them.

    AMC System comes in as first client from USA. A referral by one of our very close friend. Since than referrals pouring in word-of-mouth and we got a pick up 🙂

  3. VirtualReality
    Oct, 2003
    Building portfolio.

    We added solutions such as domain, hosting, web design and development, branding, print, graphic design & multimedia to our services and solution to serve our client more better and integral way.

    A first client from New Zealand, MAK International Services came in and we delivered them a website.

  4. VirtualReality
    Feb, 2004
    Officially registered.

    We registered our firm as VirtualReality, moved forward and continued to build an impressive list of clients.

  5. VirtualReality
    Nov, 2005
    Social media design and marketing started

    Partnered with a US based IT Solution Provider.

    A First ever project for Canadian Business is delivered.

    UK's first project done by VirtualReality for War Crimes Limited.

    Added Social Media Design & Marketing to our portfolio.

  6. VirtualReality
    May, 2006
    Another partner and new countries.

    Partnered with another US based IT Solution Provider. They have creative designers, developers, and web marketing experts to help your business grow.

    VirtualReality stepped into United Arab Emirates by providing online presence to NovaTech, Dubai.

    Sautuliman, a vocal development institute from Surat, India approached VirtualReality for their presence on World Wide Web!

    We delivered 🙂

  7. VirtualReality
    May, 2007
    AKA comes in. More new markets.

    Partnered with AKA Internet Marketing. AKA Internet Marketing is a full service online marketing consulting firm serving small to mid-sized businesses as well as Fortune 500 companies.

    A group of reciters from community approached us to have their presence online. A Kuwait Zakereen and a Far East Zakereen from Singapore came online.

    Completed 100 clients. A century!

  8. VirtualReality
    May, 2008
    Strategic partner in Canada & clients from new continents.

    Design Toronto Web, is a web design and development company that provides Web Design Services, Search Engine Optimization and Custom Programming Solutions, based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada partnered with VirtualReality.

    PP& T Suppliers, our first client from Australia. Contacted us for their presence in Australian Market to portray them as textile supplier.

    Najafe Ashraf & Karbala Moalla, are the two projects we did that came from Iraq. A comprehensive portals! Naturally, a blessings and benedictions amalgamated with work.

    Mombasa Zakireen, a group of reciters approached to get a group of people's profile and work online from Kenya.

  9. VirtualReality
    May, 2009
    MoU with Toronto SEO Experts.

    Toronto SEO Experts have had clients advertising online since a decade.You should trust your advertisement dollars to an experienced company that has benefited its clients by offering effective solutions that are truly ROI focused.

  10. VirtualReality
    Feb, 2010
    Contract with Walt Disney's Vendor.

    An Excellent Group, UK works for the The Walt Disney Company. It is world-renowned for their engaging stories and characters. Disney has become increasingly dedicated to providing exceptional educational materials to language learners around the world.

    200 Clients. A Hit!

  11. VirtualReality
    Oct, 2011
    Contract with US IT Solution Provider.

    Tapal InfoSys offers a variety of technology solutions for small businesses and residential clients partnered with VirtualReality for their clients' online presence and digital products.

    VirtualReality celebrates its 10th anniversary.

  12. VirtualReality
    Nov, 2012
    Broadened Horizon & Extension in Portfolio.

    VirtualReality added up complete range of digital and print design in their portfolio.

    Revised Onsite SEO, Website Maintenance & Upgrades Plan are available for existing and upcoming clients.

  13. VirtualReality
    Dec, 2013
    More national clients.

    VirtualReality focused more this year on national and local clients.

    More 'Made in Pakistan' products.

  14. VirtualReality
    Aug, 2014
    Celebrates 300th Client!

    VirtualReality celebrates their 300th Client world over.

    Still counting on more projects in years ahead.

  15. VirtualReality
    Feb, 2015
    Solutions for Startups introduced.

    VirtualReality introduced plans and packages for startup companies. From branding to online presence and upgrades.

  16. VirtualReality
    Jun, 2016
    More projects from Strategic Partners!

    Our strategic partners pour in more projects to our profile folder.

    A group of company from Pakistan came in with multiple projects too.

  17. VirtualReality
    Jul, 2017
    Contract with Marketing Companies in USA.

    A short term contract with marketing companies in USA is made for digital designs and websites. JetFlyer Marketing & Clay Media.

  18. VirtualReality
    Jul, 2018
    400 Clients served!

    Yes! 400 Clients are served and their projects delivered successfully. Nailed it!

    New Region : Ireland.

  19. VirtualReality
    Sep, 2019
    More maintenance and upgrades came in.

    2019 is a year of upgrades offered to existing clients and update their old web presence.

    Online stores and digital product portfolios are more focused.

  20. VirtualReality
    Aug, 2020
    2020 - A year of pandemic.

    People throughout the world have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19).

    We thought to analyse our past, see the present and plan for future in these months of lockdown. 

    Relaunching VirtualReality with new branding, plans and package and with addition to solutions and services to benefit existing and upcoming clients.

  21. Mar, 2021
    Business is picking up gradually.

    Our hard work during pandemic has started paying off. Online activities and presence has been realised by individuals and businesses of any size, they are establishing and growing, as work from home increases, so digital presence is required by all alike.

    This year 2021, clients from all major continent served, countries like, UK, USA, UAE, Australia, Canada & Pakistan.

  22. May, 2022
    Alhamdollilah, it is going good!

    Exploring, growing and establishing ourselve in new market segments and related business areas.

  23. Dec, 2023
    Commitment to Innovation Extended!

    In 2023, our web development and design company soared to new heights, seamlessly integrating stunning visuals, advanced functionality, and strategic SEO to craft compelling online experiences. Our commitment to innovation extended to branding, as we curated distinctive identities that resonated across digital platforms. Leveraging the power of social media, we amplified our clients' presence, driving engagement and growth. This transformative year showcased our holistic approach, fusing cutting-edge technology, SEO mastery, and impactful branding to solidify our position as one of the industry leaders and deliver unparalleled success for our clients.

  24. Jan, 2024
    Mission 2024 - Creating Digital Masterpieces!

    In the dawn of 2024, our web development and design company is already celebrating a triumphant start with a portfolio of diverse projects, including our inaugural project into Malaysia. Seamlessly blending creativity and functionality, we've continued to set new standards in web development, creating digital masterpieces that captivate audiences worldwide. Our success extends beyond design, as we've strategically implemented SEO, leveraged the power of social media, and fortified brand identities, ensuring our clients not only have visually stunning websites but also a robust online presence. This year promises to be a chapter of continued growth, innovation, and global impact for our company.

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Our Customers Say

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We at Janah al Tarannum bil Quran al Kareem, Mahad al Zahra, al Jamea tus Saifiyah are extremely grateful towards your dedicated services for all these years. You have been working for us for more than ten years, and have fulfilled all our requirements on time, with the utmost precession and professionalism required. Hunaid Bhai, you personally have dedicated many many hours for our cause. We specially thank you, and appreciate your generous and selfless efforts for us. We look forward to working with you for years to come.
Mehlam BS Zainuddin | Professor
Mehlam BS Zainuddin | Professor
Al Jamea tus Saifiyah | Surat, India
VirtualReality has extremely diligent workers who produce great results. With little direction from me, VirtualReality built a creative, professional looking, interactive site from scratch. The style chosen was very fitting to my business model. The web designers and developers at VirtualReality are so dedicated to their job, work quickly and efficiently. I have only heard rave reviews about my website. I am very pleased with the end result of my website and I'm so grateful to VirtualReality for all their hard work.
Lindsay Howe | Owner
Lindsay Howe | Owner
Enchanted Fortress | Toronto, Canada
VirtualReality (Hunaid) has been no less than fantastic to work with. Both creative, communicative and reliable. He has delivered in all areas and based on our experience, I cannot hesitate but recommend his services. This is the second website VirtualReality has developed for us. VirtualReality is a needle in a haystack in Web Solution Providers. They have fully understood our requirements and delivered above and beyond our expectations!
Marc Sorrentino | Director
Marc Sorrentino | Director
Excellent Entertainment | London, UK
I have used the services of Hunaid Mithaiwala and his company VirtualReality as a resource for web and graphic design as well as WordPress development on multiple projects. Hunaid is my "go to guy" for WordPress development and he always goes the extra mile to make sure the job is done correctly. A character trait that makes him stand out above his would-be competitors is genuine humility. He is a always a pleasure to work with, turns things around in record time, and I look forward to a continued long term relationship with him.
Anthony Kirlew | Owner
Anthony Kirlew | Owner
Infinion Marketing (formerly AKA Internet Marketing) | Arizona, USA
We had very high expectations for the type of website we wanted to create and are very pleased with the work done by Hunaid and his team at VirtualReality. They worked very hard to create what we had envisioned for our company's website. Not only were they very knowledgeable and efficient in their work, but they also offered their suggestions and creative ideas time and time again throughout the process of adding numerous pages and features to our website. We are very impressed with the quality of work, customer care, and meticulous attention to detail. I will surely refer them to any business associates who are looking for quality web designers and solution provider! Thanks again for all your hard work!
Saulat Azim | Owner
Saulat Azim | Owner
Grill House | Karachi & Lahore, Pakistan
I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and thanks for the work you have done on my website. From the outset you provided me with a format, a time scale and an accurate quote for the work and from the first contact with VirtualReality I felt that you knew exactly what you were doing. I always felt at ease, letting you get on with it as you saw fit because you knew what I wanted. From revamping the whole site to the final results on major search engines, your company displayed professionalism integrity, skill, and communication. I would have no hesitation in using your company again and would strongly recommend you to anyone who would like a site building or restoration work done. From start to to finish a great success !
Sonny Ramdeo | President
Sonny Ramdeo | President
EZ Jet Airlines | Georgetown, Guyana
Our company has worked with Mr Hunaid (VirtualReality) for our company's websites and he has delivered in terms of quality and efficiency. We look forward to continuing our relationship with his company for our web projects.
Shaikh Murtaza Rasheed | Director
Shaikh Murtaza Rasheed | Director
Standard Group | Dubai, UAE
It was a pleasure to work with Hunaid on a web-site re-design. He is professional and quick to respond. VirtualReality delivers a high end result at a reasonable cost.
Andrey Tikhonov | Director
Andrey Tikhonov | Director
Castles Technology International | Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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Clients & Comments
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