Domain names: an essential element for any website!

When you are considering the creation of a new website, a domain name is quite often the first thing that comes to mind.

In the beginning, the Internet relied solely on IP addresses to identify web pages, which worked at the time because there were relatively few websites and they were not accessible to a wide audience. The format we all know today was created to replace this system because strings of digits were complicated for humans to memorize.

Today, websites usually use an address that starts with “www” followed by a domain name and its domain name extension, or TLD – Top Level Domain (‘.com’, ‘.net’, ‘.shop’, ‘.solutions’, etc.)

VirtualReality can help you in registering, transferring and renewal of your domain names.

With so many different websites on the internet needing to be identified, you must claim your own unique website by registering it, which is the role of a registrar such as VirtualReality.

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Register, Transfer or Renew Domain Names Now!

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When you purchase a domain from VirtualReality, it will be considered ‘unavailable’ to anyone wishing to register the same domain name for a minimum of one year. This domain name is reserved for you, and you are free to use it for your own site without running the risk of it no longer being available.

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Just as you may change your hosting service, it is also possible to change domain name registrars. If you already own a domain name, transferring it allows you to make VirtualReality your new registrar.

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It is possible to reserve a domain name before beginning to use it. Similarly, renewing your domain when it is about to expire (usually after one year) is just as important. If you allow your domain to expire, it will become available to other Internet users once more. However, VirtualReality does offer automatic renewal.