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Secure your site with an SSL Certificate with reliable Web Security.

HTTPS is a more secure and updated version of the HTTP standard. It stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. It is responsible for managing the data between the server and the website. 

In HTTPS, the ‘S’ shows that the SSL Certificate is protecting the website and all the data is encrypted. 

The padlock icon and HTTPS in the URL bar not only ensure the integrity of your data, but also increase your visitor’s confidence knowing that their personal and financial details are safe and encrypted. 

Beyond satisfying HIPAA & PCI compliancy requirements, HTTPS is also a ranking signal, potentially improving your domain’s SEO.

Creating and managing your SSL Certificate can be easily accomplished through a VirtualReality’s Web Hosting Panel.

Keeping your SSL Certificate up to date is an important web security practice. At VirtualReality, SSL Certificates are automatically renewed on your behalf prior to expiration. When web security conditions require it, certificates are also automatically reissued ensuring your data has the highest level of integrity and availability.

It’s important to be safe in the online world and so, we offer SSL Certificates at cost-effective prices. You are just a click away from your web security.

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An SSL certificate will encrypt all the information that is exchanged between a visitor and the server. It ensures that every packet that is transferred remains unexposed to any attacker.

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Your customers may become conscious when transactions are involved on your site or personal details are asked. If an SSL is installed on your site, they feel safe and don’t hesitate in making transactions and providing details.

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It was officially announced by Google that sites with SSL will be given priority in search engine rankings. Installing SSL on your website will serve you SEO ranking benefits.

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With increased rankings, you will see a great number of audiences visiting your site. This ultimately increases the chances of increased revenue.

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Browsers like Google Chrome will mark your website as ‘Not Secure’, if it is not secured with an SSL. This flag on your website can set a negative impression on your visitors.

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A tiny green lock in your browser before the URL shows your visitors that your site is secure and their data is safe. The ‘s’ in https shows that your site is secure in all languages.