Online Stores - A growing part of our economy.

With us, get more from your online shopping websites in functionality, convenience and security.

Ecommerce Website Development is a fast-growing online services with the huge potential to reach larger audiences than typical “bricks and mortar” businesses.

The benefits of ecommerce website include its around-the-clock availability, the speed of access, a wider selection of goods and services, accessibility, and international reach. 

An ecommerce website is the face of your business in this online era, more people search about businesses through the internet.

An ecommerce website gives superior exposure to your local or international business and an extra edge in the competitive market.

It also helps a business in endorsing their products and/or services across the globe in shortest possible time.

Lots of businesses give up opening up shop in a specific location and instead, focus entirely on online ecommerce store.

We offer a complete portfolio of Professional Ecommerce Website Development encompassing ecommerce consulting, design, implementation, integration, hosting and support services to aid the delivery of world-class ecommerce solutions.

Whether you own a traditional store and want to start selling online, or are considering an entirely independent ecommerce venture, VirtualReality can help.

Your ecommerce website needs to provide a great user experience to encourage new sales.

Compatible with all computers, tablets and smartphones, our ecommerce websites are professionally designed, easy to use and rank well in the search engines.

We pride ourselves on providing responsive support services that set us apart from our peers.

Ecommerce Website Development
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Ecommerce & Web Portals


We’ve worked with everything from small commerce platforms to large enterprise level businesses.

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We take all of the burden of running an online store off of your team and allow you to focus on improving your product. VirtualReality will run and manage your online store day-to-day.

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Website Design Services


Ecommerce website enables your business to venture into the market and reach potential customers without having any physical presence.

Solution & Services


Through ecommerce website, a business owner can communicate with their customers, provide information on new products and complete sales.

Responsive Web Design Services


Get a smart and user-friendly design with the right proportion of intuitive features your target audience will love to use.

Ecommerce & Web Portals


Online stores allow you to avoid many of the large, upfront investments that traditional retail can incur - like a physical store, inventory, manpower, etc.

Solution & Services


Since an online store is 24x7 open for everyone, it allows customers to visit your store at any time, no matter what their schedule might be.

Solution & Services


Creating personalized web pages of your ecommerce website or online stores for different categories of audiences can entice them to buy from you without much extra work on your side.