Website Design

Website Design

What is Website Design?

While this may sound like quite a simple question, people often interpret the term website design in different ways. For us, design refers to the look and feel of the website and how all the visual elements of a website are brought together. Design does not refer to the development of a website through the coding of HTML.

A good website design incorporates the organization’s corporate identity with navigation, text and image content to present the overall information in a concise and attractive manner.

VirtualReality is proficient in graphic design to produce design work. The design concepts are completed by our designers and approved by the client before any HTML work commences. One of the challenges a graphic designer faces in designing for the web is the restrictions that exist in HTML to enable browser compatibility and general accessibility. We only work with graphic designers who are experienced in designing for the web and all our design concepts are run through a quality assurance process with our senior web developers to ensure their compatibility for the web.

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