Al Bateen Group, UAE

Al Bateen Group, UAE

AlBateen Group
Dubai & Umm Al Quwain, UAE

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Bateen Group established in 1998, comprises of three companies with its base in United Arab Emirates and India.

Al Bateen Fasteners LLC. (Manufacturing Division) is responsible for manufacturing Industrial Fasteners for Construction, Petrochemical & Power Generation Industry.

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Al Bateen Group’s COO approached VirtualReality with a business plan. The challenge included to desgin and develop a digital company profile with specific pages that invoke prospects to glue their eyes on the it. The profile should be positioning it for success in the competitive fastener's industry.

Showcase & Portfolio


VirtualReality started the strategic process with intensive research. From there, we crafted a design that could connect with on-the-go, always-on and a reference guide to their products. Converted all copy into small bullets and fit in the design that blends in the design and each product category on one page.

Showcase & Portfolio


Naturally that digital company profile support a simple user experience for both new and returning clients. A quick reference guide and company's insight that can be circulated any where digitally over email, whatsapp or any other medium.

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Attin Maggo | COO
Attin Maggo | COO
Al Bateen Group

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