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CarsNow is Ireland’s only online car showroom vehicle management and customer management system. Our system integrated with SIMI,, BeepBeep, and many others to help you to sell more cars.


UX & UI DesignUX & UI Design
Showcase & Portfolio


Designing a complete customer and vehicle management application for car showrooms and franchises. The biggest challenges included conceptualizing, designing and coding dynamic and conditional logics and a comprehensive search tools. All of these features needed to be designed for a large screen that agents and customers could use when looking for cars.

Showcase & Portfolio


The VirtualReality team worked closely with Huzefa Takhtawala to bring the app to life for its sales center and vendors. Our designer and developer custom coded the UX & UI to visually represent car inventory. A design for a Progressive Web Application (PWA is a type of application software delivered through the web, built using common web technologies including HTML, CSS and JavaScript).

Showcase & Portfolio


The result is a dynamic, touch-friendly PWA that pulls data from the existing system and fits on a large screen. The touch system allows users to search cars and lots. It’s a useful system, both for interested customers and for agents who need to virtually walk people through the available cars.

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Huzefa Takhtawala | Vendor
Huzefa Takhtawala | Vendor
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