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Houston, Texas, USA

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True Sign Experts is a nationwide signage provider specializing in interior and exterior signs. Our Founder has been in business for over 16 years, helping customers in residential and commercial signage.

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Outdated Design : The existing website had an outdated design that did not align with modern web standards, leading to a lack of visual appeal and user engagement.

Poor User Experience (UX): Navigation was cumbersome, and the user experience was suboptimal. Visitors struggled to find information quickly, impacting the overall effectiveness of the website.

Ineffective Brand Messaging: The messaging on the site did not effectively communicate TrueSign Experts' unique value proposition, leading to potential clients not fully understanding the company's offerings.

Mobile Responsiveness: The website was not optimized for mobile devices, resulting in a significant portion of potential users having a less-than-ideal experience on smartphones and tablets.

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Modernized Design:We conducted a thorough analysis of current design trends and implemented a modern, visually appealing design that aligned with TrueSign Experts' brand identity.

Improved UX: Redesigned the site architecture and navigation to streamline the user journey, making it easier for visitors to access relevant information quickly.

Enhanced Brand Messaging: Collaborated closely with TrueSign Experts to refine and strengthen their brand messaging. Clear and compelling content was created to communicate the company's expertise and offerings effectively.

Mobile Optimization: Implemented a responsive design to ensure the website functions seamlessly across all devices, providing an optimal user experience regardless of the platform.

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Increased User Engagement: The modernized design and improved UX led to a significant increase in user engagement. Visitors now spend more time on the site, exploring various sections and services.

Improved Conversion Rates: The refined brand messaging and intuitive navigation contributed to improved conversion rates. Visitors are now more likely to take desired actions, such as filling out contact forms or requesting more information.

Enhanced Mobile Experience: The mobile optimization efforts resulted in a substantial improvement in the website's performance on smartphones and tablets. This led to a broader reach and improved satisfaction among mobile users.

Positive Brand Perception: The comprehensive redesign not only addressed functional issues but also positively impacted TrueSign Experts' brand perception. The website now reflects a forward-thinking and professional image.

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VirtualReality did a great job of not only creating our website how we wanted it to be, but also gave us great insight on what they believed will help boost our SEO and sales. Their proven experience and excellence is the reason why our company would recommend them to anyone who is looking to create a customized website.
Huzefa Eranpurwala | Marketing & Sales
Huzefa Eranpurwala | Marketing & Sales
True Sign Experts

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