Reserve a Domain

Reserve a Domain

I want to reserve my name, but I’m not ready to post my site yet. What are my options?

You have a number of different options. If you think you may want to get your site up and running in the near future, you can go ahead and register your name and sign up for a hosting plan now. VirtualReality will create an “Under Construction” page that all your site’s visitors will see until you are ready to publish your site.

If you think it may be a while before you are ready to publish your site, or if you want to reserve your name “just in case,” you can select a plan that offers only domain name registration. With this plan, your domain is registered so that no one else can use it, but you do not have to pay for web site design or hosting yet. This is sometimes referred to as “parking” your domain. If you decide you want to go ahead and publish a web site later, you can quickly upgrade your plan.

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