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Voixfinity offers comprehensive Hosted Phone Systems and VoIP telephone services to businesses at an affordable cost with increased call quality and infinite scalability. 

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Considering the average search engine user spends 15 seconds or less on a website, Voixfinity needed captivating graphics and clear, concise verbiage to capture user’s attention. That meant a website and writing easy-to-understand copy that conveyed their professionalism and expertise, without being too technical for the average reader.

Showcase & Portfolio


Focusing on amazing visual and graphics, responsive web design and eye-catching branding, our design team was able to visually capture the spirit of Horse. We also created all required marketing collateral and new branding.

Showcase & Portfolio


Finally, VirtualReality designed the brand’s collateral—business cards, letterhead, envelopes—to ensure consistency in both the digital and traditional spheres. The team at VirtualReality is proud to help Voixfinity tell their story, as they develop the strategic solutions that shape the future of VoIP and related products.

What they said....

Have worked with VirtualReality for several years, always up to the mark and professional service, highly recommended
Shabbir Tapal | Owner
Shabbir Tapal | Owner
Tapal InfoSys

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